I was born in 1979 and grew up in a little village in the Hunsrück (Germany). The lonely rural area aroused my imagination. I began to draw and fell in love with movies which resulted in my first little films  that I made  with my father´s video camera.

Later that passion led me to studying Fine Arts at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, and Animation at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. During that time I made several short films which were shown at international film festivals. The world of children, their hopes and fears became a significant theme in these works, most notably “Der Eisenturm” (The Iron Tower), my graduation film. The tense friendship between two boys also became the subject of my next short “Streuner” (The Stray) which was funded by the MFG Baden-Württemberg and was produced by the Stuttgart-based company M.A.R.K.13. It premiered at the “Golden Sparrow” Children´s Film Festival in Gera in 2015.

Aside from writing and directing short films, I love to illustrate books and advance my storytelling skills by drawing storyboards for feature films, image films and commercials. Among the companies I worked for in recent years are: Red Parrot Studios, M.A.R.K.13, Studio Film Bilder, Animationsfabrik GmbH, Seru Film Produktion GmbH, LUXX Studios, Lucky Bird Pictures, Cube Films, Cornelsen Schulverlage.


Storyboard (selection)

“Die Mucklas”, 2022, animated feature film, Little Dream Entertainment, Red Parrot Studios

“Emmy and her horses”, 2018, animated feature film, Animationsfabrik GmbH/ Studio 100

“Der kleine Rabe Socke 3”, 2019, animated feature film, Seru Film Produktion GmbH

“Manou the Swift”, 2018, animated feature film, LUXX Film



“Fritzi – eine Wendewundergeschichte”, animated feature film, 2019, Balance Film/ Trickstudio Lutterbeck


Directing and Writing (Short films)

Schön sein (Being beautiful), 2000

Die Wasserträger (Carriers of the Water), 2002

Obendrin (On top floor), 2002

Die Dame mit dem Perlenhalsband (The lady with the pearl collar), 2003

Der Zimmermann und der Winter (The Carpenter and the Winter), 2004

kaumseinein (hardly one sentence), 2005

Der Eisenturm (The Iron Tower), 2008

Streuner (The Stray), 2015

The way you look tonight (pre-production), 2022


Festivals and awards (selection)

Der Zimmermann und der Winter:

Best Film for Children, Bradford Animation Festival, 2004
Best Animation, Uruguay International Film School Festival Montevideo 2004
Official Selection, Festival of Documentary and Animated Film Leipzig, 2004
Official selection, Annecy International Animated Film Festival, 2005
Official selection, International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart, 2006
Official Selection, Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films, 2006

Der Eisenturm:

Special Diploma , Balkanima International Animated Film Festival, 2008
Official Selection, Bradford Animation Festival, 2008
Official Selection, International Animated Film Festival Stuttgart, 2009
Official Selection, Cartoons on the Bay, 2009
Official Selection, Fresh Film Fest, International Student Festival Karlovy Vary, 2009
Official Selection, Monstra Animated Film Festival Lisboa, 2009



Official Selection, Deutsches Kinder-Medien-Festival „Goldener Spatz“, 2015
Official Selection, Athens International Film+Video Festival , 2016
Official Selection, Tehran International Short Film Festival , 2015
Official Selection, Mecal – International Short Film and Animation Festival Barcelona, 2016
Official Selection, BuSho International Film Festival, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Panorama Section, Cartoons on the Bay, 2015

Download my CV here: StoryboardArtist_CHorch